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Le Groupe propose un cocktail explosif de compositions et de reprises aux influences venues de la soul, du funk, de la pop et du rock.

Radiah & Kinou Story

C’était en l’an 2002, le premier jour, le lendemain d’un réveillon dédié aux années 20. Tout le monde était là et bien sûr, ils étaient plein de musiciens, et comme je l’espérais, il y avait là une opportunité d’enregistrer
« Radiah & Kinou ». Etaient présents :
François, Yves-Alban, Hervé, Etienne, Magali, Arthur, Charlie, Radiah et moi, les chiens et les autres amis. Si la grâce choisit son heure et son jour, ce fût pour ce moment là, la magie opéra instantanément... Pour toutes sortes de raisons, techniques, impératives... (sortie Intégrale Nino, Dvd, pub, film, biographie), nous avons dû attendre jusqu’à ce jour pour vous annoncer enfin la bonne nouvelle :
La sortie planétaire et exclusive de la chanson
« Radiah & Kinou ».

Thank you Kinou, let’s continue to show the world what real friendship is all about. Let’s make a real tribute to our 25 years of friendship with our CD in the making. We are going to keep making sounds in the Studio La Taillade. We will keep the music in the air with Pierre looking over our shoulders and Arthur, Magalie, Coco, Hervé, Mimi, Claire and Charlie on the control. All our friends will be there. Mia, Chaka, Michel, Alain, Marie-Pierre too. They will join us in our celebration of life, love, and friendship.

In the year of 1974 I decided to leave New York City, family and friends in America and take a long trip to Europe. I had finally decided to take a three months break for a summer vacation. adventuring out into Europe, Paris was my frist stop.
I informed all persons concerened that I would be gone for at least three months. So up, up and away we go. My only daughter Mia and I, with an open ticket to ride. We arrived in Paris, the beautiful city of lights and it was love at first sight.

I had come to Paris to do the fashion collections. I was a model and was doing lots of fashion work at the time. Even though I didn’t speak a word of french, I was having a great time. Going out to parties, discos, and fine dinners all over town.

I had only been three weeks in Paris, prior to meeting Nino and Kinou. It was through a mutual friend of our, an italian painter. He was among a group of friends who were invited to Nino’s for dinner one sunday in late august. It was a hot sunny afternoon in the early seventies. My italian friend had only said we were going to Rueil-Malmaison to the house of a french singer named Nino, questioning him, I said Nino who ? He answered : Nino and Kinou.

So away we drove in the direction of Rueil - Malmaison. Once there we came upon this sort of manoir, a big elegant house with balconies and out door terraces over looking this beautiful garden. The garden had an array of bright colorful flowers and plants pushing up around and among all these enormous trees. Intering through the big green gate into this spacious domain, I felt right at home. This majestic colonial styled home reminded me of the South U.S.A. the place of my birth, the region I grew up in before moving to New York City at the age of sixteen. This house had all the southern charm of Louisanne, Mississippi and Alabama.

Chez Nino and Kinou in this romantic surrounding, I decovered an ambiance animated and relaxed, kinou is blessed with the art of welcoming and the ability to make people feel at ease. Quel savoir-faire ! Quel savoir-vivre ! Nino and Kinou they had the sweet life. La douce vie, ( the pleasures of friendship, les douceurs de l’amitié) and France’s superb seduction was clearly in evidence.

This is how it all began, Kinou and Radiah – Nino and Radiah. Then there were Mia, Pierre and Arthur, our children. I can’t forget all the family and friends that I have met over the years. I call them my european family. There are so many that grew over the years and are still loyal friends until this very day. My friendship with Kinou have grown like a beautiful plant and is as solid as a rock, still growing stronger, wiser, respectfully and faithfully.

Vive La Taillade ! Avec nos amis les bêtes.
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